On the road for you throughout Europe – transport of liquid chemicals and dangerous goods


We offer you a modern, lively, and reliable service through direct contact persons and flexibility.

When purchasing new vehicles, only the latest technologies are taken into account. We are proud of our state-of-the-art vehicle fleet, ecological action, and the shortest possible logistics processes. We arrange our transport efficiently and thus create resource-saving transport for you and our environment.

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National and international transport of liquid goods

Thanks to our modern vehicle fleet, which includes 20 Euro VI tractor units, 28 tank container trailers, 20 road tank trailers, and roughly 30 insulated tank containers in various sizes and masses, we can offer you the perfect solution for your transport needs..

You can see more about our offer in the Vehicle Park section.


Intermodal transport

We offer a wide range of tank containers, which we can also deliver or collect by rail to terminals and directly to our customers all over Europe, thanks to close cooperation with the railways.


Temperature-sensitive shipments

We are your partner for temperature-sensitive transports, specialising in hot goods. Our tank containers can be operated and heated with an operating temperature of up to 150°C. Thanks to the best insulation, heatable valves, and our in-house steam heating system, we can maintain the required temperature for every transport.


Partial and full loads

All of our road tank trailers and our tank containers have one to three chambers of different sizes, so we can also offer part loads with several products and at the same time, especially when transporting dangerous goods, comply with the specified filling levels without any problems.


Transportation of liquid waste products

Thanks to our decades of experience transporting hazardous products, we can also help you transport your liquid waste. Whether it's national transports in Switzerland or cross-border transports to or from France, Belgium, the Netherlands, or Germany, we have a valid license to transport waste for each of these countries.


Customs Clearance

Thanks to our many years of experience in international traffic, we are your experts in importing or exporting your goods. Customs handling with our partners is part of our wide range.

Do you have any questions about it? Do not hesitate to contact us; our specialist staff will happily provide you with information!