After the change of managing director at the beginning of October 2023, the following generational change is now taking place at Hofer Tanktransporte AG.

Founded in 1974 as a sole proprietorship by Werner Hofer and converted into a stock corporation in 2002, Hofer Tanktransporte AG is again experiencing a significant generational change. After more than 20 years, founder Werner Hofer is handing over the chairmanship of the board of directors to his daughter Cornelia.

Werner Hofer shaped the company for decades, led it successfully through various market conditions, and set standards for innovation and quality. With the change that has now been announced, Cornelia Hofer is transferring responsibility to the next generation.

Cornelia Hofer, who has been active in the company for years, brings fresh ideas and a spirit of innovation. The founder emphasizes that the generational change is carefully planned to ensure the continuity of the company's values. Werner Hofer will remain closely connected to the company and the new management and will remain as a consultant.

The change in the Chairman of the Board of Directors marks a new phase for Hofer Tanktransporte AG. With Cornelia Hofer at the helm and Werner Hofer's continued support, we can look forward to a promising future.


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